A New Warning about Alarm Sales Scams

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It isn’t just local authorities who are cautioning homeowners about door-to-door alarm salesmen; this time, the warning is coming straight from the top. The Federal Trade Commission, with the cooperation of various state Attorneys Generals, recently issued a report heeding the public to avoid “unscrupulous door-to-door sales agents.”

A New Warning about Alarm Sales Scams

The FTC accusation is that these sales agents use “high-pressure or deceptive sales tactics to get potential customers to buy expensive, and sometimes substandard, systems or equipment they don’t need.” As a Delaware alarm systems dealer that avoids these high-pressure, unethical tactics, we couldn’t agree more.

And the warning doesn’t just come from the FTC. The Better Business Bureau received more than 1,000 complaints about door-to-door sales scams in 2012, according to a BBB August 2 article. Although we can’t be sure how many of those complaints are alarm sales scams, it stands to reason that many of them are. If one has ever come to your door, then you know the problem is widespread.

Another scam that appears to be gaining traction is companies leaving a “sorry we missed you” notice on doors. These appear like a post office delivery notice, but when the homeowner calls the phone number on the notice, a local alarm salesman answers. At that point, whether or not they provide good services is irrelevant; do you really want to give your business to a company that deceptive?

Avoid these alarm sales scams at all costs, and give your business to a local company that values the opportunity to earn your trust. B Safe Security looks forward to explaining how our Delaware alarm systems can keep your home or business safer. Give us a call today.

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