B Safe Bucks: Now for New Systems For Your New Or Current Home

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B Safe Bucks Balance

B Safe Bucks Upgrade

Originally for clients relocating to a new home, our B Safe Bucks program has been expanded to include new systems in your home today.

What Can I Use These Bucks For?

Whether moving to a new home or wanting to upgrade to a new security system with the latest B Safe B Connected technology, your B Safe Bucks are as good as cash. Locks, thermostats, carbon monoxide detectors, apps to see what’s happening on your phone while you’re away — we do all that and more. And you can, too, with your B Safe Bucks.

How Do I Check My B Safe Bucks Balance?

Call your local branch office today, or our office in Wilmington (800-432-3473), and ask for your B Safe Bucks balance.  They are automatically added to your account, so you’ll receive $50 in B Safe Bucks for every year you’re with us. These bucks never expire, so if you want to wait a few months for more bucks, you can.  We’ll show you how to use your B Safe Bucks and help you take your next steps in planning your upgrades or your move.

If you’re not moving soon or are still thinking about upgrades, don’t worry.  Your B Safe Bucks will not only remain in your account but will also grow each year. Plans can change on a moment’s notice, and we’ll be there whenever you need us. It’s a Good Day to B Safe.

Certain conditions and restrictions apply.
Requires a new monitoring agreement.

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