Budgeting for a Small Business Security System

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Just because you have a small business doesn’t mean you should expect to feel less secure than your big business counterparts do. But don’t you have to fork out big bucks if you want a quality security system? Our customers don’t. But no matter who you choose to be your Delaware alarm company, a small business security system can fit into your budget just like any other necessary expense. You can budget first for its purchase and installation (which are normally combined), and then for the monthly cost of having the system monitored. With a little strategizing, it’s easy to fit a high-tech security system into your small business budget.

Budgeting for a Small Business Security System

A quality small business security system, including security cameras with DVR, can be purchased for only a few thousand dollars. The first step in budgeting for it is to identify your available resources. For new business owners, that often means using capital. If you have recently started the business and you have any capital left, consider using some of it to pay for your security system.

If you haven’t started the business yet, that’s even better. When you bankroll everything you need to start a business, your security system should be included in that inventory. Before budgeting out your capital to all the expenses you have for your startup, get prices on small business security systems from a few local dealers – and then, budget for purchase and installation on the one you decide to choose. At B Safe Security, we offer a small business basic camera and DVR system with four color cameras, a 14” monitor and four channels for as low as $65 per month.

If that seems like a lot to budget for, consider the alternative you could face if your business is compromised by a thief or intruder. A few less gourmet coffees and sushi lunches during the month seems like a small price to pay compared to the devastation of your inventory being stolen, your facility being vandalized and your hard work going down the drain. When it comes to the security of your small business, the small sacrifices are worth it. To learn more on budgeting for a small business security system, contact B Safe Security today. Our Delaware alarm company will be glad to answer your questions.

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