Owning an alarm system is good; but utilizing Remote video monitoring service is far better. With alarm monitoring services from B Safe Security, you can expect agents to respond from our central station instantly if a situation arises. Our UL listed central station boasts one of the shortest response times in the industry – under 20 seconds!

When your alarm is activated and you are immediately connected, these certified agents will view activity on camera and summon your area authorities before a crime happens. Now, it’s no longer necessary to own a telephone (land line) in order to receive alarm monitoring. Many of our products are wireless, ensuring that you are connected through cellular link or the Internet.

B Safe Security monitoring is ideal for most businesses. There’s hardly a better means of protection for the lives and property you care about the most. STOP CRIME BEFORE IT HAPPENS!

Our Exclusive Offer!

When you switch to B Safe Security, we offer one free month of video monitoring service – an incredible value for those who would trust us with the security of their property.

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