Delaware Alarm Company Services for Vacant Homes

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Did you know that squatting is still a prevalent problem on the entire East Coast? In fact, a sad squatting story in one of our service areas occurred just this week.

Delaware Alarm Company Services for Vacant Homes

On February 17, a fire in an abandoned house located in Orange, New Jersey killed three men who were squatting in it. They were using “canned heat” (which is made from dangerous chemicals meant to power a flame under a chafing dish in restaurant kitchens) to stay warm when the blaze began around 1 a.m. Had the home contained working smoke alarms and a monitored fire alarm, things might have turned out differently – but of course, if an alarm was installed in the home, then the three would most likely have chosen to squat elsewhere.

That is the message we’re sending today: If you need to leave your home while it is being renovated or is on the market for sale or rent, it is imperative that you maintain the alarm monitoring service. Do not remove the alarm if you are still the owner; you want to do everything in your power to keep squatters off the property.

The same goes for burglars, who will target your home for everything from its appliances to its ceiling fans to its copper wiring. The homeowner who thinks that his “empty” home isn’t appealing to burglars is fooling himself. Burglars want a lot more than your electronics and jewelry.

If you are moving to a nearby state, you can most likely keep your B Safe Security alarm monitoring services. We are a Delaware alarm company that services all of our state, as the following counties in neighboring states:

New Jersey: Gloucester County, Camden County, Burlington County, Salem County, Atlantic County, Cumberland County and Cape May County

Pennsylvania: Delaware County, Chester County and Montgomery County

For more information on alarm monitoring for your vacant home, contact B Safe Security today.

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