Delaware Burglary Rate Continues to Climb

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Delaware crime statistics reveal that our state burglary rate has moved on an upward trajectory for the past eight years, and only slightly decreased in the past year. Every year since 2004, burglaries in Delaware have continued to increase all the way until 2011 – this according to, which listed stats that the Delaware Law Enforcement Agency Uniform Crime Reports gathered for each year. Here are the figures regarding burglaries in Delaware for the past eight years:

Preventing an Apartment Burglary

Year Number of Burglaries

Barring some unforeseen exodus of burglars in our state, it stands to reason that the burglary rate in Delaware will, as it does in most states, remain on a steady climb. All things considered about the realities we face in 2012, every home and business in the United States needs to have a security system with reliable intrusion detection installed. It just doesn’t make sense to avoid it anymore.

If you are reading this, you most likely already have an intrusion detection system installed at your home or business. But perhaps you have friends or loved ones who do not. Because we are a Delaware alarm company that has installed far too many systems after a burglary has occurred, we at B Safe would like to encourage you to show the statistics above to those in your life who are holding off on installing an intrusion detection system.

Additionally, many people need to be reminded about the benefits of subscribing to a monthly alarm monitoring service. In towns where false alarms are rampant, some police departments will only respond to alarm calls for monitored alarms; it does not pay to assume your local police will answer an unmonitored alarm. For more questions on reliable intrusion detection, contact our Delaware alarm company today.

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