Employers: Know the Laws for Video Surveillance

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If you are an employer who intends to install cameras inside your business, you are taking an important step toward enhanced security. But have you informed your employees of your decision yet? Our Delaware alarm company is here to tell you: Federal law states that you must.

Know the Laws for Video Surveillance

What else does the law dictate? To start, video surveillance cameras are only permitted in areas where the intention is to support the security or profitability of the business. That means that for the sake of employee and customer privacy, no cameras in the restrooms, no cameras in changing rooms or shower stalls and in some states, no cameras in employee break rooms. It also means no hidden cameras, unless you have the cooperation of law enforcement – and they will only cooperate if you have a legitimate reason for that action.

The same rule applies to recording audio of conversations without the other person’s consent. And school administrators: In this litigious culture, you can be certain that teachers who are recorded without their knowledge will sue. You must proceed with caution before installing cameras in classrooms. Know the law before you do this.

Where can you install cameras without worry? As long as your employees are aware the cameras are present, you can install cameras that monitor your:

  • Entryways
  • Cash registers
  • Inventory rooms
  • Safes

If you are considering installing cameras anywhere else inside the business, it is best to contact your state labor department to confirm that what you intend to do is legal. Take it from an established Delaware alarm company with years of video surveillance experience: It just doesn’t pay to take chances with the law.

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