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 Fire Alarms from B Safe Security


House fires are more common than many people believe. There are records from the government that demonstrate that property loss from fires exceeds $15 billion every year. These tragic incidences could be prevented with the right fire alarm systems. At B Safe Security, we offer home security systems with life safety protection, including smoke and heat detectors.  When it comes to fire alarms, we have the comprehensive services you need including:

  • Fire alarm monitoring
  • Fire alarm inspection services for code compliances
  • Installation of your heat and smoke sensors

We provide quality solutions that are proven to effectively safeguard the home with effective monitored fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide detection systems. The right fire protection system can even lower your home insurance payments by up to 20%

For the best protection for your home and family, you can depend on B Safe Security for all of your fire detection needs.



With commercial and residential alarms systems, you can expect the highest quality products that perform in accordance with stringent industry standards. We offer alarm systems from Silent Knight and Farenhyt which are some of the most dependable alarm systems available on the market. In addition, when you select our fire alarm monitoring services, our central station will respond in seconds after your alarm is activated.


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