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 Fire Alarms from B Safe Security


House fires cause damage over $15 billion in property damage every year. Change to “could be prevented with a monitored smoke and fire detection system. This is why B Safe offers monitored home security system with life safety protection, including water, heat, and smoke detectors. A monitored smoke detector will work better than non-monitored detector. For example, if the smoke during a fire becomes too overpowering to call the fire department, the central monitoring station will dispatch them instead.

B safe provides quality solutions proven to effectively safeguard the home with monitored fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide detection. In addition to protecting your family, these systems can save you money: some insurance companies offer discounted home insurance rates once they are installed.

With this technology, B Safe can protect your home from the dangers and potential problems inside your home.



B Safe offers fire alarm systems that are in accordance with stringent industry standards that will protect your home and family. To get started, simply click “Request a Quote” or give us a call. 


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