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B Safe Security offers comprehensive energy-efficient solutions for your home. These systems allow you to save on energy bills while creating a comfortable indoor environment. With Z-wave radio technology, B Safe’s home automation systems can remotely control a wide range of features in your home. These features include appliances, lighting, and thermostats among other options.

With these features, you can manage all of the energy consumption in your home with a tap of a button. Control your washer from the living room, turn up the thermostat as you get home from the office, and double check that everything has been turned off when you’re on your vacation. Ask your security specialist about this feature through our B-Connected app. This innovative technology allows you to:

  • Turn your thermostat up or down while you are away
  • Turn the lights in your home on or off while you are on vacation
  • Control window shades, appliances, and other features in your home

In addition to these outstanding features, our home automation systems allow you to connect your IP camera video surveillance so that you can see what’s occurring at home from anywhere you are located in real time. If you want to make sure the lights come on, you can easily do that and more.

Home automation systems are a simple way to maintain a home that is completely energy-efficient, which helps you save money on your electric bill. When your lighting and climate control are remotely managed, you have the ability to control not just your security, but your bills as well.

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