Reducing Losses with Video Analytics

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According to the Loss Prevention Research Council, shoplifting costs American businesses $10 billion each year. And while it may be tempting to entertain the notion that shoplifters are “just kids” who don’t need to be punished by law, the opposite is true: The National Crime Prevention Council reports that only an approximate 25% of shoplifters are between the ages of 13 and 17, which means that the other 75% are grown adults. Shoplifters aren’t just kids going through a phase; they are criminals who need to be held accountable by law enforcement.

Reducing Losses with Video Analytics

If you are seeking a way to catch shoplifters in the act so that they can face justice for the damage they do, we recommend a video analytics system for your business. Different than a video surveillance system, video analytics can actually pinpoint details in an image clearly, accurately and closely so that faces can be identified and the entire scenario that is captured can be carefully evaluated. Companies that are serious about making a loss prevention plan understand the value of video analytics systems.

At our Delaware alarm company, we currently offer an outstanding video analytics system in the Honeywell Rapid Eye™ Multi-Media DSP. This is a16-channel digital video recorder that provides real-time recording and enables you to view live video onsite. Not only does it record and transmit video with DVR technology, it also allows you to search for video on a specific day, at a specific time. That makes it an outstanding loss prevention analysis tool. With live and post event evaluation, you can make management decisions that boost your loss prevention efforts and minimize your future risk of theft.

Of course, video analytics systems can do more than help retailers crack down on shoplifting. They can also be useful in industrial, municipal and financial applications. Anywhere there is a critical need to protect an inventory or building occupants, video analytics can be a valuable security tool. To learn more, ask our Delaware alarm company about your video analytics options.

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