At B Safe Security Systems, we offer innovative security solutions that ensure the safety of our clients at all hours of the day. Your security is our highest priority and we are committed to providing customized options that give you the peace of mind your deserve. That is why we are pleased to offer mobile personal emergency response systems also known as mPERS especially developed for older adults with an independent lifestyle.

How does mPERS work?

Mobile Personal emergency response systems are devices used in the home or on the go which allow older adults to have immediate access to a 24 hour call center with only the push of a button. The call is made through a cellular transmitter which is worn on a wristband or around the neck and sends out a signal through the cellular networks. In the event that the button is pushed, the call is evaluated by the staff at the call center and your location will be determined and a decision is made about whether to call a friend, family member, or ambulance. With mPERS built-in cell phone, the older adult is able to speak directly with the call center staff from any location within cellular network range to when help arrives. The built-in GPS locator will alert the staff to your location and be able to send the local emergency responders. So it works will your home or out shopping. Most current PERS systems on the market only work when you are in the home. mPERS works to your lifestyle where ever you are. Giving you peace or mind when you are home as well on the go!

The Features Include:

  • User Friendly/ Easy Installation
  • Speak and hear operator through the transmitter
  • Can be used anywhere around the home or on go with cellular service
  • Built-in GPS locator to determine your exact location to alert local responders
  • Is resistant to water
  • Can be clipped to a belt, worn around the wrist, or neck
  • 24/7 monitoring with EMT certified professionals
  • Six hours of battery talk time and a year of standby time
  • Bi-lingual operators and equipment available

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