Resources for After the Storm

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B Safe Security proudly services three states – one of which, New Jersey, has experienced major devastation this week at the hands of a natural disaster. Delaware, where we are headquartered, is also recovering. While the damage done by Hurricane Sandy is to a lesser extent here in Delaware, we have certainly been affected by the storm conditions, with beaches ravaged and thousands of residents left without power.

Resources for After the Storm

Our Delaware security company wants to help citizens who have been affected by the hurricane bounce back as quickly as possible. While it is only a start, would like to provide a quick resource guide for disaster victims, particularly those who have recently re-connected to power. Here are some of the government pages you may want access to:

New Jersey Office of Emergency Management:

Delaware Emergency Management Agency:

Federal disaster assistance from FEMA (businesses only):

State of Delaware road closures, school closures and other information:

State of Delaware information for working with insurance companies:

State of Delaware traffic alerts:

If you are a B Safe Security customer who has been affected by Hurricane Sandy or its related weather conditions and you have questions about your alarm system, please contact us to voice your concerns and schedule a service appointment. We will be glad to speak with you, and will return all messages as quickly as possible. In the meantime, our Delaware security company wishes the entire Northeast a safe, fast recovery from the storm.

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