Superbowl Sunday Security Tips for Delaware Alarm Owners

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Everyone knows about the risks of burglary during the holidays, or during the summer months. But what about a day like Superbowl Sunday? If you think about it, the biggest game day of the year is a potentially good opportunity for burglars; they know that many houses will be empty, with the occupants gone to a friend’s house for several hours. And in fact, they may try to find streets where several houses in a row are unoccupied. So with that in mind, our Delaware alarm company wants to give you some advice for preventing burglary and theft on Superbowl Sunday.

Superbowl Sunday Security Tips for Delaware Alarm Owners

  • First, decide on a plan and stick to it. Will you go out, or stay home? Don’t waffle back and forth.
  • If you are leaving the home, secure it by locking all doors and windows. And of course, arm your security system!
  • If kids will be staying home, find out their plans. If your teenagers are having friends over, they should only be people you know and trust. You don’t want to return and find jewelry or cash missing.
  • If no one will be home, leave the TV on loud enough for someone peering through the window to hear. Turn on the game, of course; leaving it on anything else may tip them off on a day like this. You want to create the illusion that someone is home.

Oh, and social media? Wait until the game is over and you’re already back home to brag about where you went! Friends of friends, and local acquaintances connected on Facebook, are often the very people who perpetrate burglaries when they learn that the window of opportunity is there. If you wouldn’t necessarily tell them you were going on vacation, then don’t tell them you’ll be away from home from 3:00 to 8:00 on Superbowl Sunday. For people who are wolves in sheep’s clothing, that’s just too tempting.

No matter where our Delaware alarm company customers are watching the Superbowl from this year, we hope these tips will help. Enjoy the game!

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