Two Leading Causes of Cooking Fires at Home

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Here’s an interesting fact that our Delaware County alarm company came across: Summer house fires are less common than winter ones. It may come as a surprise, but it’s what the data from the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) shows. Regardless, summer is no time to slack on fire safety. Cooking, an activity that happens all year long, poses a particular risk for house fires; in fact, it accounted for 32% of house fires in a single year. Here are the two leading causes of cooking fires at home:

Two Leading Causes of Cooking Fires at Home

Unattended burners: Often, cooking fires are caused by grease or oil that ignites on an unattended stove. Another quick fire starter is an ignited dish towel that might be left near the burner on the stove. To prevent these potentially tragic situations, stay near stove burners while cooking, keep the flame at a moderate level and do not leave any flammable items, including dish towels, pot holders or your own shirt sleeves (roll them up!) near the stove.

Unsafe grilling: It would seem that grilling outdoors is safer than cooking inside, but there is still a risk involved; in fact, the data shows that 5,700 home grill related fires are started each year. The NFIRS says that mishandled propane is responsible for a significant number of grill fires, so make sure you know how to handle a propane tank before you use it. And never, ever use a propane tank inside! Ever.

B Safe Security is a Delaware County alarm company that wants its community to stay safe from the dangers of cooking fires at home. For more information on fire security systems for your home or business, contact us today.

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