A fire alarm system is not a piece of decor or a luxury; it is a life-saving necessity for all homes. Even more important than ordinary security systems, commercial fire alarm systems in Mantua, NJ, can alert you when a life-threatening and property-destroying disaster threatens you. These systems rely on advanced detection and alert technology to keep you safe.
Every homeowner should know at least a few key details about fire alarm systems in Mantua, NJ, including what they do, how they work, and why they are of utmost importance. Here are 5 facts that pertain directly to your safety and your home’s security.

What They Detect

Fire alarm systems are able to detect the 2 key signs of a fire: smoke and high heat. They can even detect these signs from very small flames. In addition, fire alarms can detect escalating temperatures that may lead to a fire—for example, if your furnace is overheating. They can also detect water flow in the sprinkler pipes or if someone intentionally triggers the alarm.

How They Notify You

Traditionally, anything that triggers the fire alarm in your home—or your business, if you have a commercial fire alarm system—will set off a siren and a series of lights. Depending on your system, sprinklers will immediately activate to attempt to put out the fire. In addition, your system may contact the local fire department, either directly or via the system’s customer service center.
Some advanced systems have unique capabilities, including smartphone notifications or calls to any preset number in the world about a fire emergency. Recent technological developments include addressable heads, or features that can detect and inform you of the exact location of a fire.

What They Include

The best fire alarm system in Mantua, NJ, will protect your home with a variety of safety features and modern technology, including:
• Initiating devices: Heat, smoke, sprinkler water flow, and manual trigger detectors that initiate the alarm state.
• Indicating devices: Lights, sirens, bells, and weatherproof features that notify people of an emergency.
• A control panel: The device that includes password keys, reset features, notification and zoning displays, and more.
• Sealed batteries: The power source for the system, which can even activate in the event of a power failure.

What May Be Extra

Your alarm system can also come with auxiliary devices, such as:
• Smartphone apps that indicate the state of your home and alarm system
• Addressable heads (discussed above)
• Alarm silencing switches
• Detailed LED displays
• Electromagnetic door holders, which automatically lock access to endangered zones of the building
If you have an existing or old fire alarm system, upgrading to include these additional features may require full system replacement because of the unique wiring and specifications required.

How to Install or Upgrade Your Fire Alarm System

With the above information at hand, you should be ready to shop for the best alarm system in Mantua, NJ—there is an ideal system for you based on your property, lifestyle, and budget. A qualified alarm installation company can expertly provide new or upgraded fire alarm systems in Mantua, NJ, to offer you the optimal fire safety technology. Their installation skills are vital to prevent system failure, false alarms, and failure to detect a fire.