FAQ’s for Customers

How does the alarm system communicate with the central station?

Alarm systems require a phone line or communication device of some sort to allow the system to communicate with the Alarm Monitoring Station.  The options vary and most are compatible with the alarm system.  If you plan to switch phone providers it is imperative that you check with Advent first to insure that it is compatible.  You should also test the communication of the system before the phone/cable technician leaves your home.  If you plan to CANCEL your phone line, contact Advent to discuss the other options available.

What happens when my alarm goes off?

Depending on the type of signal received, the central station operator will attempt to make contact with someone at the premises, using the verification phone numbers provided, to determine if the alarm was triggered accidentally or not. If someone answers the phone, the operator will ask for a PASSCODE or PASSWORD. This code or word is set up ahead of time by the home or business owner. If the PASSCODE or PASSWORD is given, then the central station operator will know that the alarm signal was not an emergency. IF no one answers the phone or if the proper code is not given, the operator will dispatch the proper authorities. Once the authorities are notified, the operator will proceed by notifying someone on a pre-determined emergency “call list”.

I accidentally set my alarm off. Why wasn’t I contacted by the central station?

If you accidentally set off your alarm, typically you immediately shut it off. In doing that you may have cancelled the alarm prior to the alarm panel dialing out and sending the original signal. It is always best to contact the central station to check your event history. If we have not received a signal, it is best to test your alarm to make sure that it is communicating properly.

When should I test my alarm system?

We recommend that you test the communication of your alarm system on a monthly basis or anytime you have a change made or have work done at your home that may affect your phone lines. To test your system:

  1. Contact the central station at 215.576.7111 so that an operator can put your system on test.
  2. Once the system is on test, arm the system and wait for the delay to expire.
  3. After the system is set, open a protected door, wait for the delay (if applicable), and then the LOUD SIREN will sound.
  4. Wait at least 10 seconds, then enter your code to silence the alarm.
  5. Wait a few minutes and then call the central station to verify the receipt of the alarm signal. If the central station operator has no record of receiving the signal, please ask for a service technician to contact you.

I am moving and no longer need the monitoring service at my current home or business. What should I do?

If you are moving, it is important to contact a customer service rep at 215.576.7111 ext. 809. We will help you navigate the process of getting your monitoring service canceled as well as get you any information you may need for your new location. You can also complete a Change of Ownership form here to start the process.

What should I do if the power goes out?

Typically, you do not need to do anything when the power goes out. Your system comes with a rechargeable battery and will run on that battery while the power is out. Once the power is restored, the battery will begin charging. During an extended power outage, your system may go into trouble and start beeping. In this case you may need to call Advent and ask to speak to a technician who can help you power down the system. Also see What to Do When the Power Goes Out.

My system is beeping. What should I do?

First, try to determine if the beeping is actually coming from the alarm system. Look at your keypad; there will usually be some indicator if there is a trouble or other condition that would cause your alarm system to beep. If there is no indicator on your alarm keypad, we have found other common causes of beeping are smoke or CO detectors that are not part of your alarm system, mobile phones, fax machines, or computer.

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