Delaware Crime Statistics from the 2012 FBI Crime Report

Our Delaware home security professionals have observed some fascinating statistics from the FBI Uniform Crime Report (UCR) for 2012, which was just released last week. As it turns out, Delaware (the second smallest state in the country) is sandwiched in between the other two smallest states in the country, Rhode Island and Connecticut, when it comes to incidents of property crime and burglary. Here are the figures for the three states:

Delaware Crime Statistics from the 2012 FBI Crime Report

State Property Crimes Burglary
Delaware 30,639 7,371
Connecticut 76,834 14,711
Rhode Island 27,017 5,949

As you can see, Rhode Island has the lowest incidents of these crimes; this makes sense, because the state is the smallest (although, with a population exceeding 1 million residents, it actually has a higher population than Delaware). As for Connecticut, its population exceeds 2 million; no surprise, then, that it would have much higher incidents of property crimes and burglary. Delaware’s close proximity to Washington, DC may play a role in the higher rates of crime in general, but it seems unlikely that those crimes would include burglary.

We’d like to think that B Safe Security is making a valid contribution to reducing incidents of property crimes and burglary in Delaware. It has been documented that there were around 300 fewer property crimes in Delaware in 2012, compared to 2011 (when there were 30,939 property crimes). If we had anything to do with that, then all the time we devote to installing, maintaining and monitoring security systems throughout our state is more than worth it!

We can all do our part to ensure that property and burglary crime rates continue to decline. Here are some examples:

  • Setting our alarms every day before we leave home (also known as arming the system)
  • Paying the annual alarm permit fees required by our cities
  • Assigning alarm codes to visitors such as babysitters, so they will use the systems too

These are all small ways to contribute toward the decline of crimes that affect homes and families. To learn more, contact our Delaware home security company today.