Candle Safety: B Safe Holiday Tips

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Candle Safety

Candle Safety Statistics This holiday season sees more families light candles than any other time of the year. Families celebrating Hannukah or lighting a candle for a festive atmosphere or a fun holiday scent can accidentally burn down their home and potentially worse if they’re not careful. Not convinced? Consider these statistics from the National Fire Protection Association to make you … Read More

B Safe’s B Generous Holiday Donation Guide

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B Safe’s B Generous Holiday Donation Guide B Safe is supporting two wonderful charities this holiday season: Cradles to Crayons and Toys for Tots. If you would like to make a donation to either cause, call our Wilmington office (800-432-3473). Beginning Monday, November 26th, we will happily arrange for someone to come pick it up, free of charge. What is Cradles … Read More

B Safe Bucks: Saving Money On Your Move

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The B Safe Buck.

Introducing B Safe Bucks B Safe Bucks are B Safe’s way of helping you, our loyal customer, as you move from one location to another. If you’re moving, B Safe Bucks will help make one step of your moving process easier. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving from Mantua to Manayunk, or from Wilmington to West Chester. We will be there … Read More

School Security: How B Safe Became A Trusted Provider

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School Security: How B Safe Became a Trusted Provider Before we begin, we would like to thank all of the administrators, facility directors, and principals that we met at the NJSBA Conference. We especially appreciate those from educational institutions we already protect, and those who also use one of our home security systems. We are happy to have our family … Read More

Moving? 5 Security Ideas for Your New Home

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Moving is one of life’s greatest stresses is moving. It can be exciting, but having to get used to a new area, new people and new routine can cause enough anxiety. B-Safe Security in Dover, DE, has put together these helpful tips for removing some of the anxiety through better security for your new home.

Car Thefts Are on the Rise

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One of the not-so-good by-products of all the technology we use in our daily lives is that criminals are resourceful and often can use it against us. Whether you’re talking about exploiting a weakness in a residential security alarm in Dover, DE, or swiping a car in Wilmington, criminals are using technology to actually make it easier to make us … Read More

Facts about Home Burglaries

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It may surprise you to learn that every year, there are about 2,000,000 home break-ins reported, targeting renters and homeowners alike. With burglary rates this high, it helps to inform yourself about burglaries so that you can learn how to protect yourself. Getting a home security system in Wilmington, DE, is often the best way to go, since you’re three … Read More

Latest Trends in Home Security Systems

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Home security

You want to make sure you and your family are safe in your home. Choose a burglary detection system that keeps intruders out and warns you of any dangers. B-Safe Security is dedicated to using the latest technology in home security systems to protect you and your family.

5 Smart Technologies That Keep Your Home Safe

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What better way to keep your home safe than using modern smart technology? Especially as a parent, keeping your family safe at night can be incredibly important. Below are some of the best smart technologies that can keep your home safe day and night.