How to Deter Home Invasions

Home invasions are scary. They can occur when a burglar attempts to rob your house believing you’re not home. While a burglar has no plan to harm you, the situation could be dangerous. At B Safe Security in Chester, PA, we know the more serious problem is when the home invasion is planned. Here are some steps you can take to deter home invasions.

Fortify Your Home

Most criminals are looking for an easy score. If your home has been chosen as the target of a home invasion, it’s generally because it looks like an easy target. Single women may seem to make the easiest targets for criminals. Deterrents buy time and make it more difficult for the intruder to get in, but they aren’t going to protect you 100 percent of the time. Still, heavy locks, alarms and stickers notifying of the alarms, and well-placed, redundant cameras will keep most criminals away.

Know Your Neighborhood

Knowing your neighborhood and the patterns of your neighbors helps you to spot when something is out of place. Walking a dog or jogging is a great excuse to get outdoors and see how your neighbors act during the day. Of course, getting to know your neighbors could also help if something happens at your home. They are at least more likely to call 911.

Trust Your Gut

If you someone suspicious or cars you don’t know in your neighborhood, or if a delivery person or plumber coming to your home doesn’t feel right, trust your gut. Call the police and have them check out the suspicious vehicle. Ask the delivery person to leave and find another company to deal with. It’s better to look paranoid than to be victimized or have someone else victimized because you didn’t want to cause problems. Residential security systems in Chester, PA, are helpful for keeping criminals at bay, and with the right plan, they’ll help keep you safer at home.