How to Improve Your Security System

Your home security system can alert you when there is an intruder in your home, but how can you prevent them from entering in the first place? Home security surveillance systems play an incredibly important role in protecting your home and your family. By making a few alterations, you can keep your house safe and improve your current security system. To strengthen your security system and your home, make these simple changes around the house.

Secure the Windows

Thieves will often enter your home through the windows. In addition to putting alarm sensors near your windows, you can take some other precautions to protect your home. Install burglar-resistant glass and window locks. You should also consider replacing a large pane of glass with multiple smaller ones, too.

Change Your Locks

When you move into a new home, the first thing you should do is replace the locks. You never know who may have had a copy of the key before you moved in. You should also change your locks if you ever lose your keys. This way, you can prevent a break-in.

Put in Deadbolt Locks

All exterior doors should have deadbolt locks. Though these are more expensive than other locks, they are stronger and much more secure. You should also have a sensor from your home security surveillance system in Wilmington, DE, by your front and back doors.

Make Your House Look Occupied

Even when you are on vacation, your house should always look like there is somebody inside. To achieve this, install automatic timers for your lights to turn them on and off while you’re out of town. You should also get a friend to pick up your mail; a stack of unopened letters and magazines is a signal to thieves that you are not at home.

Install Lighting Around Entryways

Again, you can use light to prevent burglary. Near the front and rear entrances to your home, install automatic lighting that has a motion detector. The light will turn on whenever anybody crosses the path of the sensor, deterring any criminals in the area.