How to Protect Your Business from Fire

The American Red Cross calls fires the “silent disasters.” Small fires rarely make the news; yet, they account for the largest expenditures for the Red Cross when it comes to disaster assistance. While the Red Cross deals with family house fires, your business is at as much risk to facing this disaster. At B Safe Security in Mantua, NJ, we have seen the damage that a fire can do to a business. Here are some ways to protect yourself and your employees.

Get Insured

Some small businesses forgo getting fire insurance or have inadequate coverage. Make sure that you have the right coverage to protect you if a fire destroys your business. If the premiums are too high, ask about discounts for fire detection products and other related protection equipment.

Get Assessed

Have a professional risk assessor come in and look at your workplace. They can make sure that your fire protection systems are adequate and spot any trouble areas. You may not realize that a stack of old papers is stored near a flammable chemical. Assessors can also make recommendations for improving your fire safety precautions.

Get Outfitted

Make sure you have the right equipment to deal with a fire. Smoke detectors protect your most important asset: people. Fire extinguishers may help in the event of a localized fire. Fire suppression systems help mitigate damages.

Get Trained

Fire detection systems in Mantua, NJ, will help you most only if you practice your evacuation drill. By training people how to get out of the building, they will be more likely to evacuate when the alarm goes off. Training can also help you and your employees know how and when to use the fire protection equipment/systems while creating a safer workplace for everyone.