The Importance of Annually Testing a Commercial Fire Alarm System

It’s a business owner’s responsibility to ensure their employees are safe and protected. Your fire alarm system is critical, and testing it annually can provide peace of mind knowing it’s functioning properly. While most repercussions of a faulty fire alarm system are obvious, it’s important to know what other implications there are.

Laws and Regulations

All business owners should know there are safety regulations they must follow to continue operating. If an inspection of commercial fire alarm systems in Wilmington, DE, isn’t performed annually, serious citations can incur. If, after an initial inspection, problems with the system aren’t resolved, local fire marshals are empowered by law to shut down your business. Therefore, you should hire a licensed fire alarm inspection company at least once a year to weed out any issues and make repairs, if necessary.


Most fire alarm system issues, are not easily identifiable. Wear and tear can occur on your system and you might not even know about it until it’s too late. Again, if you own a business, it’s your responsibility to ensure the safety of employees and patrons. If you don’t comply with safety regulations, you may be held liable for any damage to personal property or injuries sustained from a fire.  Avoid legal battles that can shut down your business by inspecting fire systems annually.

Safety First

As the face of a company, people look to you to provide a safe environment for anyone inside. In the event of a fire, it’s important that safety measures are immediately implemented to prevent catastrophe. If your commercial fire alarm system is not working properly, your business will suffer. You want visitors and employees to know they can be safe inside the property. So, it’s important to find the best fire alarm system in Wilmington, DE, for proven safety and peace of mind. Also, hiring professional and licensed inspectors is key. For a list of services provided by these inspectors, visit this link:

If you haven’t completed an annual fire alarm system inspection, don’t hesitate to call the professionals.