Does Your Commercial Fire Alarm Need Inspection & Testing?

Everyone knows that fire detection systems are a necessity. However, did you know that there are different types of systems so you can find whatever suits your needs? A house needs a different fire system than an office building. An apartment needs a different fire system than a restaurant. The systems achieve different results and different effects based on your desired outcome. Here are some facts about fire detection systems you can find so you know exactly what you’re looking for.

First, you must consider what category of fire detection system you will need. If you want the best fire alarm system for you, you must consider your needs. The first categories of fire systems are meant for property protection. These alarms fall under the two classifications of P1 and P2. Property protection alarms are designed to provide the earliest possible warning sign of a fire to minimize the amount of time between the fire starting and the fire department arriving on the scene. P1 is generally used to protect entire buildings. P2 is used in specific areas of a building that may be higher risk. If you have a boiler room or a storage room that is more likely to have fire issues than the rest of the building, you may not need to monitor the entire building, P2 will suffice.

There are also fire systems based around life protection rather than property protection. These systems from Type M to L1 through L5. Type M systems are often found in large buildings such as schools. They have handles that you manually pull to signal the appearance of a fire. L5 systems are generally reserved for high-danger areas. These areas may need quick, automatic detection as well as a manual pull lever. L4 systems provide detection around the exit areas only. L3 cover the exit areas as well as any rooms surrounding them. L2 covers the same as L3 but with the addition of high risk areas such as boiler rooms. L1 systems protect the entire building.

Once you’ve discovered what category of system you need, you can speak to a fire alarm company near you in West Chester, PA, to find the best alarm system for you. You can choose between three types of system: conventional, addressable, and wireless.

Conventional systems are generally reserved for smaller buildings and are cheaper in cost due to their simplicity. Conventional systems will tell you that there is a fire, but not specifically where that fire is. Many companies will wire the convention systems into zones so that you may narrow it down to more specific areas.

Addressable systems work like street addresses. Each device hooked into an addressable system has its own unique address, so you know specifically where and which device was triggered. This allows you to react quickly and extinguish the fire. Addressable systems are also much more reliable in general.

Components of a Commercial Fire Detection SystemMuch like the rest of the world, fire alarm systems are also becoming less reliant on direct connections. Wireless systems work similarly to addressable systems, but don’t require the installation of wires from one device to another. They also will generally allow for off-site monitoring so you don’t have to be in the building to check in on your system.

As you can see, there are a great variety of fire alarm systems. You should speak with a local expert or provider of fire alarm inspection & testing in West Chester, PA, so you can get the system that will be the most ideal for you and your building.