Small Business Security Systems Checklist

Years ago, security systems were a bit too expensive for some small businesses to even consider. Today, that’s no longer the case. Security systems have become more affordable, more customizable, and far more effective than ever before. With so many features and options available, how do you narrow it down to what you really need? You can consult this checklist for help.


Make sure that you have the right cameras and enough of them. They need to be located in the correct positions, so that they cover all of your key locations and capture sufficient detail to be useful. There are a number of different cameras available, so you will need to determine what suits your business the best. Fixed cameras are a reliable standard, and they’re more than adequate for most purposes. With fewer moving parts, they’ll likely need less maintenance and be less prone to malfunction. However, PTZ cameras are remotely positionable, and they have the ability to zoom. Your security team may find that very helpful, and they give you more control than fixed cameras. The 360-degree camera is also an option, but it’s not always an ideal solution. Most rooms don’t have a 360-degree view that’s conveniently unobstructed. Since it’s a more recent technology, it can also be a costlier option than fixed or PTZ cameras.

Footage and Data

If possible, data should be stored offsite. Additionally, you’ll want storage for at least one month. Be sure that you have adequate storage and that your footage always has a backup. Video footage may be necessary for insurance purposes, and it will also be requested by law enforcement. You should never have to worry about deleting anything to save space, and your video footage should be readily accessible by any authorized parties.

Exterior and Interior

Don’t forget to cover all entrances, exits, parking areas, and interior spaces. While there are certainly legal limitations (such as bathrooms and dressing rooms), you should be able to cover enough of the interior to get all of the important footage and information that you require. With the right cameras, you can cover plenty of area. You may even be able to do it unobtrusively, so that you don’t bother your clients or customers. All small business security systems in Mantua, NJ, should be customizable and tailored to your specific needs. Be sure to assess your needs thoroughly so that you’re never caught unaware. For questions about a small business security systems from B Safe Security, give us a call at 1(800) 432-3473 today.