Stop Frozen Pipes with Total Connect

If frozen pipes are one of your top home maintenance concerns, our Delaware home security company can help. B Safe Security offers Total Connect from Honeywell (our “B-Connected” service), which can send temperature alerts to your email or mobile phone whenever the temperature drops below a certain threshold.

Stop Frozen Pipes with Total Connect

Do you know what temperature you should program your notifications for? According to (the official site of The Weather Channel), which polled plumbers throughout the Southeast for their opinion, the threshold for frozen pipes is 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

So, let’s say you program that into your system. If you receive an alert on your phone that the temperature is at or near 20 degrees (it may be a good idea to program it for a little bit higher, particularly if you have cracks in your home exterior or poor insulation), you can make an arrangement to leave work to take care of the problem before your pipes begin to freeze. When that happens, we recommend you call a plumber immediately. He may decide to apply one of the following common frozen pipe solutions:

  • Clearing the ice around your pipes, if there is minimal freezing
  • Insulating (“wrap”) your pipes, to stop the temperature reaction that occurs
  • Re-piping your home entirely, if the situation is nearing dangerous proportions

No matter what option your plumbing professional chooses to do about your frozen pipe problem, it is up to you to take care of the problem with a phone call. That is why a service like Total Connect is so valuable. This isn’t just a home security alert tool; it’s also a home protection alert tool, to keep you from having to face any expensive and dangerous situations.