The Benefits of Remote Video Monitoring Services

Your business may not be big enough to be able to afford a security staff, and you probably can’t afford a security team for your home. Video monitoring systems might make better sense than trying to hire someone to provide a physical presence on-site for businesses and homes. At B Safe Security in Wilmington, DE, we work with businesses to provide an efficient security system that many insurance companies recognize as equivalent to having hired security staff. Here are some of the best benefits to video monitoring.

Save Money

A video security system for small business can help you save money. Not only are your costs lower because you don’t have to pay for salary or benefits of a security force, but also because it may lower your insurance premiums. There is no question about video’s ability to make a difference in stopping theft and vandalism, especially during the day. You also know how much you will be paying for the system every month. There’s no overtime or sick leave to worry about.

Stop Theft

The best security system is one that works. Many businesses report an 85 percent reduction in daytime crimes. Criminals, especially petty ones, don’t want to be caught on camera. Having a working video surveillance system protects you through the threat of being caught on video and having that used in a court of law. Your home will be protected against those who might try and take your packages or from the unpleasant experience of surly delivery people.

Be Efficient

Video systems never sleep. They never need to take a break. They don’t take holidays, and they can cover many areas at once. Even if you can afford to hire a security guard, video surveillance is great for businesses. However, they make the best home security systems in Wilmington, DE. Your home and business deserve the best protection. Getting the right video system will greatly improve the safety of everything that you own.