Tips on How to Install the Best Alarm System

Personal security is a priority for everyone. Keeping your family and home safe has gotten a lot easier over the past several years. Today’s residential alarm systems are affordable, customizable, and easy to install. Here are some tips for finding and installing the best alarm system in West Chester, PA.

Where to Place the Control Panel

Every system has a main control unit that sends and receives signals to the other parts of your system. There are 3 factors to consider when deciding where to put the main control panel.

  • Keep the unit out of sight from windows and doors so would-be thieves can’t see the sensors.
  • If the unit needs to be plugged in, make sure the outlet is not switched nor is it a GFCI outlet. If the switch is turned off or the GFCI trips, the unit is useless.
  • Consider how close to the door you position the unit. It is best to place the unit near the door that you use the most to enter the house. If your system is wireless, the control panel can be placed virtually anywhere in the house.

Protecting the Doors and Windows

Sensors for doors and windows operate in the same manner. When one is opened, the sensor sends a message to the main control unit. There are two parts to each sensor that use a magnetic contact to register if a door or window is opened. The larger magnetic case should be placed on the door frame or window casing and then the transmitter to the moving door or window. This makes it more difficult to bypass the system. Each half will have a guide arrow to line up to ensure they match up. You should place one on every door window. Wireless units even make it possible to put a contact unit on the garage door that can be turned off from outside.

Add Motion Sensors

Once all the points of entry are covered, it’s time to add passive infrared motion sensors. These act as a second line of defense against a smash and grab robbery. The motion detectors send out a spray of infrared light, looking for any movement. Anything that crosses in front of one of the sensors will tell the main unit to sound the alarm. Each motion sensor will have a radius of about 90° and a limited range. You will probably need to use multiple sensors together to cover the entire room. They can also be adjusted for height to prevent the system from going off in the middle of the night when your cat gets a snack.

Some Extra Features

A security system does more than protect you from a break-in. Many systems now couple carbon monoxide, flood detection, fire alarm and medical alert systems for residents with the security features. This helps you protect your family and family treasures inside the house. Many small business owners can use the same units as security and commercial fire alarm, access control and camera surveillance systems in West Chester, PA.

The best alarm system is the one you are comfortable using and can afford. Take your time when deciding what service to use and which accessories to add on to the system. Build the system around your budget, but make sure not to leave holes in your defenses. Many reputable security system dealers will sit down and help you work up a defense to protect your family and your home.