Fall Safety Tips

Watch for fallen leaves. Leaves can provide a variety of problems for motorists. They can cover potholes and important road markings while wet leaves will cause your vehicle to lose traction. Slow down near leaf piles as kids may be playing in them.

Change your smoke alarm batteries. The conventional wisdom is to change your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors at Daylight Savings Time; potential emergencies will not wait until November. If you do not have monitored carbon monoxide and smoke protection, change your batteries sooner rather than later.

Be careful with your space heater. They may be small, but they can potentially ignite an entire room if the heater is left close to something flammable. Make sure there’s plenty of space and do not leave it unattended.

Practice good ladder safety. If you’re using a ladder to do yard work or hang decorations, take a minute to read up on these ladder safety tips from Industrial Safety & Hygiene News. Most importantly: never over reach, keep your body near the middle of the ladder and only use it on safe and level surfaces.

Get your chimney inspected. Before lighting the first fire of the season, hire a sweep to clean out any debris or nests. Never use lighter fluid, kerosene, or gas to get a fire started.

Check if you’re protected against the 3G Sunset. We’ve mentioned before that the 3G Sunset may leave you without a working security system. Protect your family for years to come by calling your local office and verifying that your system won’t be affected.