3 Environmental Design Tricks to Keep Burglars at Bay

Did you know there is a security strategy embraced by experts throughout the country? It’s called Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), and it is utilized by law enforcement agencies, municipalities, architects and security professionals who specialize in making public areas safer. Here are some CPTED environmental design tips our Delaware security systems team wanted to share with you.

3 Environmental Design Tricks to Keep Burglars at Bay

Resist the temptation to “fortress” a property. According to CPTED data, criminals are actually attracted to homes and businesses with low visibility, because they have more places to hide. This counteracts a popular misconception that erecting barriers (solid walls, tall trees, etc.) around a home will reduce the risk of burglary and intrusion. For neighborhoods, criminals are attracted to solid walls (what better target is there for graffiti?), so those should also be kept to a minimum.

Landscape with security in mind. This takes the first principle a step further. Typically, uniform landscapes are safer than irregular ones because the hiding places are fewer. That means plants should follow what CPTED calls the “3-8 rule of thumb,” wherein hedges are no higher than three feet, and tree canopies should start no lower than eight feet, off the ground. Pay closer attention to this rule near all doors and windows.

Show pride in ownership. This sounds almost too simple, but it is true. The more your property shows that you care about it, the less likely it is to be targeted by a thief. For homes and businesses alike, that means changing out seasonal decorations, keeping plants and flowers watered, and making sure porches and driveways are swept clean.

As for neighborhoods, showing pride in ownership tells criminals that you own your community, not them. Cleaning up graffiti and staying in touch with police and city authorities shows pride in ownership. Taking care of a property, whether large or small, sends a clear message to offenders that crime will not be tolerated in that area.

As providers of Delaware security systems since 1978, the B Safe Security team is qualified to opine on the CPTED principles; as you may have guessed, we definitely agree with them. Use them as a supplement to your alarm system, so that you can enjoy a safer home, business or community.