What Should be Included in Your Alarm Package?

If you are a first-time security system owner, you may not be sure what is supposed to be included in your package. As a Delaware home security company, we are happy to explain what your basic home alarm package should contain – and more importantly, why they should be there.

What Should be Included in Your Alarm Package

Control Keypad: Every alarm needs a control panel, of course. Yours should feature a user-friendly keypad, with tactile or capacitive buttons that are easily pushed and LED prompts on the digital panel that are easy to read and understand.

Backup Battery: What happens if your alarm battery dies, and the alarm dealer is closed for the weekend? Every security system should be equipped with a backup battery, so that you can replace your alarm battery without having to reach your alarm company to ask for a replacement.

Door and Window Sensors: A home security system relies on door and window contacts to detect that someone has intruded into the home. You need a minimum of three contacts, if not more, depending on the number of doors and windows your house has.

Interior Motion Sensor: Without an interior motion sensor, your alarm will not be triggered when someone is walking through your house. Your basic alarm package should definitely include one, and your company should explain to you where they are putting it and why.

Alarm Siren: The audible siren is the most recognizable part of the alarm. Its powerful noise alerts the homeowner to the presence of an intruder, and is designed to scare the intruder off before he can do any damage.

Yard Sign and Window Decals: These are very important! Placing an alarm company sign in your yard and decals in your windows can often scare a potential intruder from ever acting at all.

These are the essential components of a basic alarm package. For more questions on getting started with a home alarm system, contact our Delaware home security company today.