The 5 New Things in Video Surveillance Today

If you’ve been holding off on investing in home security surveillance systems in Mantua, NJ, you should know that there’s no time like the present. Modern technology has brought a lot of innovations in various fields, including home security. Here are a few improvements that we are particularly excited about, and that should bring you some peace of mind.

Better Quality Footage

Obviously, over the years, both video and audio recordings get higher resolution as technology improves. These days, you can even get 7k resolution cameras. Perhaps one of the most exciting recent video improvements, though, comes from HDR imaging. HDR (High-dynamic-range imaging) isn’t just for your TV or your iPhone. Since it captures images with multiple exposures and combines them, the video picks up something a lot closer to what they eye actually sees, helping you to pick up more detail on your footage.

High Frame Rates

Footage quality alone won’t capture all you need to see unless you have a high rate of frames per second. A few years ago, a security company launched the first 120fps (frames per second) surveillance camera, and while your home security system might not be quite at that level yet, you’ll certainly have better options now than you would have in the past.

Convenient Footage Access

Did you know that with the right setup, you can access your surveillance footage from anywhere? Not only can you access your feed from your smartphone, but you can also use that same phone to pan and tilt your camera to check different angles.

All-Weather Surveillance

Old surveillance equipment used to have trouble in fog or heavy rain, but certain high-end security systems can adapt for that. Some even have night vision and can pick up intruders with no working light sources.

Intruder Tracking

With your surveillance system using the right software, you can program your system to spot a firearm shape and then to follow it. This can even come with an alarm, so that if it detects a weapon, it will call the police. This means that your home security surveillance systems in Mantua, NJ aren’t just tackling your security by themselves. They’re ready to get law enforcement officials to protect you at a moment’s notice.