Remote Monitoring Security: How to Choose the Best Option

Home security systems have changed significantly through the popularity and widespread use of internet-enabled devices and wireless technology. Nowadays, through the installation of a few cameras, some software, an application, and some sensors, a homeowner can monitor their property through real-time video and audio using a cell phone, tablet or other internet-enabled device.

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A professional security company can tour the home, analyze the needs of the homeowner, and offer suggestions for the best residential security system in Wilmington, DE. Our many years in the home security and surveillance industry allows us to stay current on the latest technology and its installation, while also taking into consideration the needs of the homeowner.

As with any fast-growing technology, there is a great deal of information available. To help narrow down all rhetoric, we’ve listed three options to keep in mind before choosing a home security system with remote monitoring technology.

Do-It-Yourself Systems

As technology improves, it becomes more accessible for the average person. With the boon in do-it-yourself projects over the last decade, security systems have also become a popular weekender project. These systems usually plug into a router or have a separate base that plugs into the wall. Most have fees ranging from a few dollars to $50 or more dollars per month for monitoring software and applications. Not all home security systems are quality systems, and not all are professionally monitored.

Cable Company Packages

Phone and cable companies offer packages for home security systems that can be controlled using a remote monitoring device like a cell phone or PDA. The monthly fees vary widely, with some systems costing well over $100 per month. The problem most cited by unhappy customers is the lack of expertise in not only installation but overall service. If a system is not installed correctly, false alarms and system failure are the results. Additionally, these systems rely on servers, and if the server goes down, so does the alarm system.

Professional Home Security

Combine the freedom and control of monitoring your home using your cell phone, laptop, or notepad, and the experience and expertise of a professional security company that installs and monitors the equipment to ensure the safety of your family. Today, 24-hour surveillance includes the homeowner and the security company. Through professional installation of high quality equipment, the homeowner can rest assured the system will work as it should. Some companies like B-Safe Security offer options that allow a system to continue to communicate should a phone line get cut, or if there is a power outage.

Consider your needs and expectations of a security system. Take the stress out of home security and call a professional security company for an estimate. B-Safe welcomes all questions, and provides the best residential security systems in Wilmington, DE.