B Safe Bucks: Saving Money On Your Move

Introducing B Safe Bucks

A Family That Could Use B Safe Bucks To Secure Their Next Home

B Safe Bucks are B Safe’s way of helping you, our loyal customer, as you move from one location to another. If you’re moving, B Safe Bucks will help make one step of your moving process easier. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving from Mantua to Manayunk, or from Wilmington to West Chester. We will be there to support as you move house and home.

How Do I Get B Safe Bucks?

Good news: they are automatically added to your account. For every year you’ve been with us, beginning since your contract began, you receive $50 in B Safe Bucks. These bucks also never expire, so if you’re moving next year or in 2020, you can still use them later.

For example: if you have been with us since 2016, your account has $100 ready to go for a new residential security system. It’s $50 a year, free from B Safe, as our way of saying thanks. These B Safe Bucks top out at $500, our way of thanking you for being with us for ten years.

What Can I Use These Bucks For?

They are only to be used for buying a new security system in your next home. You can use the money you’ve earned for a newer, more technologically-advanced system in your new home, or to purchase a similar system to what you have now at a deep discount. If you’re not moving soon, don’t worry. B Safe Bucks will not only remain in your account but also grow each year. Plans can change on a moment’s notice, and we’ll be ready to help you when it finally does become time to find a new home.

I’m Planning a Move with B Safe/Want To See How Many Bucks I Have — How Do I Do That?

Give us a call today to take your next step in planning your move.

Our office in Wilmington/Delaware is at 800-432-3473, or for New Jersey/Philadelphia, the number is 856-218-9400.