School Security: How B Safe Became A Trusted Provider

School Security: How B Safe Became a Trusted Provider

Before we begin, we would like to thank all of the administrators, facility directors, and principals that we met at the NJSBA Conference. We especially appreciate those from educational institutions we already protect, and those who also use one of our home security systems. We are happy to have our family protect not only your educational facility, but also your home.

B Safe Security take our duties as school security providers incredibly seriously, and we currently offer protection to hundreds of schools, colleges, and other educational institutions in the Tristate Area.

Through Our Reputation

Our reputation as one of the best in the industry when it comes to this type of protection has led to referrals and numerous trusted security partnerships. It doesn’t matter if it is a small kindergarten center or a large college campus, we design systems with the needs of the children, students, and employees in our hearts and minds.

Malvern Schools

B Safe currently protects the Malvern Schools in the greater Philadelphia area and beyond, covering from as far north as Royersford, PA to as far south as Washington Township, New Jersey.


This is the Malvern School of Glen Mills. It is a private preschool that provides a high quality education and care for young children. The children that we protect are from the ages of six weeks to about eight years. We have installed access systems in place in order to keep the children and staff safe and protected during their day.

The Goddard School for Early Childhood Development

The Goddard School is a series of early childhood development institutions with more than 400 locations. B Safe Security covers their locations in the greater Wilmington area as well as Pennsylvania, from Bear, DE to Swedesboro, NJ, and all the way up to West Chester.

This is their location in Mullica Hill, New Jersey. Their facilities are bigger and provide different challenges than the Malvern Schools, but the core ideas of school security are still the same: protecting the students, families, and staff that work or visit the building every school day.

Through Technology

No two schools, colleges, or educational institutions are the same, and we know that. That is why we take the time to meet with you face-to-face, walk around your facility and design a security system that fits all of the challenges facing your building or campus. We offer many different types of protection in order to best protect you; there are three of the most common ones we install for school security in places like yours:

Access Control

In the majority of the educational facilities we protect, we have set up access control systems. These systems regulate who can and can not come into a building without further monitoring. This can be done by setting up a credential system, meaning that each student or staff member must carry something with them, like a small fob or an ID Card, or even a smartphone, in order to get into the building.

Those without the identifying credential would have to either sign in at a desk or meet the approval of someone on-site providing security like a secretary or guard. This procedure is low hassle to students and staff members, while also providing great protection. If someone can not present a credential, you get to decide whether or not they get into the building.

High Definition Video

Our cameras monitor in 1080p HD, the same high definition that you watch movie trailers on YouTube in. Our B Connect app allows for remote monitoring and viewing of all of our security systems from any smartphone or tablet.

This is an example of the high definition video that our cameras can capture:

We also can provide as many cameras that meet your needs and cover as much ground as possible to meet your school security needs:


This is only an iPhone picture of the security camera feeds for our office in Wilmington, Delaware. We can click and zoom in to identify license plates, potential intruders, and anything else we are looking for. This footage allows us to keep our office safe and secure, just as we would keep your school.

By Our Service

Our Training and Experience

We have multiple experts on staff and can advise our clients on issues ranging from fire evacuations and safety to active shooter protocol. We are a leader in this industry and have been protecting educational facilities for over forty years.


Your investment matters to you…and to us.  We offer numerous plans for purchasing, leasing and financing your protection. Our experts can advise you how to qualify for government funding and grants.

What is My Next Step?


We offer no charge assessments of your current levels of protection. Our expert design consultants are available to discuss options for access control, video, cloud-storage, burglar and fire systems.

We can also educate staff members or board members as well. We have previously presented to these groups and can answer any and all of their questions to help streamline the process.

Give us a call today to schedule your no charge assessment – It’s a Good Day to Be Safe.

Our office in Wilmington/Delaware is at 856-422-3473, or for New Jersey/Philadelphia, the number is 856-218-9400.