Car Thefts Are on the Rise

One of the not-so-good by-products of all the technology we use in our daily lives is that criminals are resourceful and often can use it against us. Whether you’re talking about exploiting a weakness in a residential security alarm in Dover, DE, or swiping a car in Wilmington, criminals are using technology to actually make it easier to make us more vulnerable to theft. Here are a few ways to ensure your vehicle is as safe as your house.

Steering Wheel Locks

Unfortunately, these will not deter a careless thief from breaking a window or forcibly accessing your vehicle. They will, however, stop a car thief in their tracks and prevent them from driving the vehicle. They also will serve as a warning to a more alert thief that attempting to access your vehicle is a waste of time.

Be Alert and Obvious

Vehicle manufacturers are doing their best to make their products theft-proof, but criminals are just as resourceful. Just like you do not solely rely on residential security systems in Dover, DE, to keep thieves out of your home, you cannot rely on car alarms to be completely effective. If you see s suspicious person, call the police. If you witness a break-in, call the police. Do not actively engage a thief as they may be armed but do everything short of that to deter them.

Fob Storage

Thieves have discovered how to use radio technology to steal fob signals and then replicate them to get into a vehicle. There are also reports of thieve doing something similar with remotely activated residential alarm systems in Dover, DE to gain access to homes. Storing your fob or remote-control device in a tin and only using it when you need to access your car or home is one way of making it more difficult for thieves.

Check for Updates

Whether we are talking about residential property or vehicles, most of us rarely, if ever update our home alarm or vehicle alarm software. This is a mistake. Software updates sometimes address vulnerabilities and make it harder for thieves to enjoy success.

residential security alarm in Dover, DE, is one way of protecting your home from invaders and thieves. What, though, are you doing to protect your vehicle? Follow these tips to help make it more difficult for thieves to have any success.