Moving? 5 Security Ideas for Your New Home

Moving is one of life’s greatest stresses is moving. It can be exciting, but having to get used to a new area, new people and new routine can cause enough anxiety. B Safe Security in Dover, DE, has put together these helpful tips for removing some of the anxiety through better security for your new home.

Hold the Door

Most incursions, legal and otherwise, happen at the front door. Make sure your door is heavy. Replace the locks and check the hinges to be sure they are protected. Other openings like the windows on every floor, including the upper levels of the home and the basement, should also be fortified and locked with something more than a flimsy latch.

Meet the Neighbors

Introduce yourself to the others in the neighborhood and know who should be there and not. Making friends encourages people to look after each other. Plus, your neighborhood will be a lot less scary if you know the people in it.

Light It Up

Check your property lighting and make sure that you get the dark spaces lit up. Don’t give burglars places to hide. Make sure you have lights that work and provide illumination where you need it most.

Know Your Resources

Talk to the local police, check out the neighborhood watch program, and know what you need to do and who to call in an emergency. Knowing these things beforehand will make it easier to remember during an emergency rather than having to search for the information.

Get a System

home security system in Dover, DE, is one of the best ways to keep thieves out of your home. Oftentimes, a simple sign or sticker in the window alerting the thieves to the installed system is enough to scare them away. Burglars usually want an easy score. Depending on the system you install, you may get someone to drive through the neighborhood or provide other services to help improve the security of your home.