The CliffNotes Guide: How Remote Monitoring Works

Think about a remote-controlled car. Maybe you had one as a kid. You were able to steer and accelerate the car wirelessly with the controller in your hand with the simple push of a button. Residential alarm systems in Chester, PA, work much the same way. The remote control is your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
You want your home to be safe and secure. We want that, too, which is why we recommend having access to your home’s security and alarm system wherever you are and at all times. Having access to your system and getting updates and notifications of activity throughout the day are the best way to keep you informed about the security of your home.

Lock the Doors and Windows

Imagine that you’ve gone to work or on a trip. Suddenly you can’t remember if you closed the garage or locked the front door. A few taps on your control can tell you the status of your doors and locks and even allow you to remotely secure them. You don’t have to waste time calling around the neighborhood anymore to find someone home that can keep an eye on your house until you get back. Our residential alarm systems in Chester, PA, do that for you. Another great feature of our best security alarms allows you to remotely turn off the system while you are away in order to allow a friend or family member access to your home. If you’re out running errands and your sister shows up at your house to drop off the clothes she borrowed from you, you can unlock the door for her from anywhere! No more duplicate or hidden keys that can create a security risk.

Hand holding white mobile smart phone with smart home application on the screen over blurred house background, smart home concept

See Video from Cameras

Our comprehensive security system includes motion-activated sensors that turn on surveillance cameras around your property when movement is detected. You can get notified when this happens and watch the video so that you can check out what’s going on near and inside your home. Were you to have vandalism or theft on your property, the cameras would catch the criminal in action and provide hard evidence for their capture and prosecution.

Set the Alarm

You have the ability to activate and deactivate your alarm as needed. Imagine that you have turned the system on before you go to bed. In the middle of the night, your dog needs to go outside. With ease, you can turn the system off so that the alarm doesn’t sound when you crack open the back door for Brutus or Chief to take a break. When your dogs are done, simply reactivate the system.