Time to Check Your HOA Rule Books?

Is there such thing as “overkill” when it comes to securing your home? You probably don’t think so, but your homeowner’s association might. There have been multiple reports published in newspapers about cases where homeowner’s association (HOA) boards have cracked down on members taking security measures, and we want to be sure that our Delaware home security customers are aware of them.

Time to Check Your HOA Rule Books

Across the country, homeowners living in HOA neighborhoods are experiencing backlash after taking extra steps to secure their homes. We’re not necessarily referring to security systems (although it’s possible that some HOAs want their members to seek written permission before having a system installed). What we’re actually talking about is exterior installations such as security doors that go over the front door, and window bars designed to keep burglars out.

In the case of one homeowner, the HOA said that once a security system was installed, taking any additional steps to secure the home (i.e. the aforementioned door and window bars) would be overkill. Of course, from the perspective of a homeowner who has recently been burglarized, there is no such thing as overkill when it comes to protecting themselves and their family.

Whether or not you agree with the position of your homeowner’s association, we encourage you to be sure you are in compliance with their rules. This is in your best interest, because some homeowners have actually been taken to court by their HOAs in these situations. Take a look at your HOA rule book to be sure there are no rules against any door or window enhancements you plan to have installed. And if you are asked to seek permission before having security cameras installed, please do so. Staying in compliance with any guidelines that apply to you is something all Delaware home security customers living in HOA neighborhoods should do.