Five Reasons To Get Flood Sensors In Your Home

1) The high costs of water damage can sink your savings.

The average cost of a home water damage insurance claim is $6,965. These claims can take long periods of time to be processed and can still be denied for a variety of reasons. This is also an average cost, as costs can closer to $20,000 to $30,000 depending on the level of damage.

The costs associated with water damage can be minimized by having flood sensors installed in your home. With a monitored security system and these sensors, you can be alerted when a potential water damage problem begins. This will allow you to make further decisions to prevent even more damage, such as shutting off the water in your home.

2) A small pipe leak can create a big problem.

Water Damage, 250 gallons of water from a tiny pipe leak

Recommended water damage prevention tips include keeping alert for signs of wear on your plumbing system such as noisy pipes, moisture on the walls or floors of your home, and rust-stained water. These are good pieces of advice, but they come with drawbacks.

For example, you may not even be in the same state as your potentially leaky pipes. Vacation homes often experience burst pipe leaks during the wintertime due to freezing temperatures. In the middle of the winter, chances are low that you are constantly inspecting the pipes of a beachside vacation home you are not staying in. It is not also commonly thought to look after the pipes in our own homes until something goes wrong.

3) Flood damage can happen anywhere.

Water Damage, Flood Events Common in NJ, PA, and DE

Not all water damage is homemade. According to FEMA, 98% of all United States’ counties are susceptible to potential flooding events. A flooding event is an incident where the waters rise enough to cause damage to property. This most often occurs due to heavy rainfall, but can also occur to extreme weather events such as hurricanes.

Over 5,000 flood events occurred in the Delaware Valley region from 1996-2016. There was not a single county in the region that did not experience at least one flooding event. It may not be something you actively think about, but it will happen eventually.

4) Flash floods can happen at almost any time.

The National Weather Service defines a flash flood as being caused by “heavy or excessive rainfall in a short period of time, generally less than six hours”. During this time frame, a flash flood can rip through urban streets, river beds, and mountain canyons, causing thousands of dollars in damage. They are often brought about by heavy rain, but melting snow can also cause them.

Floods and flash floods caused over two billion dollars in overall losses in 2018, but the human cost is just as important: the National Severe Storms Laboratory found that more people are killed every year by floods than hurricanes, lightning, and tornadoes.

5) B Safe Security’s commitment to quality and outstanding service can help put you at ease.

As Honeywell Home Premier Security Dealers, B Safe Security’s commitment to quality and service stand out among our competitors. Our focus on cutting-edge technology means that your home can be protected from water damage by our monitored flood sensors, preventing small problems from becoming expensive and costly. In fact, B Safe’s different sensors can protect your home or property from nearly every environmental problem.

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