Summer Safety Tips From B Safe

1) Avoid using flammable liquids to light your campfire.

Our first summer safety tip is to avoid using flammable liquids such as gasoline, lighter fluid, and diesel fuel to light your campfire. This is an easy way to get a fire started, and that is exactly what makes it problematic. One tipped gas can or other acts of carelessness around these liquids can turn the fire into something much worse than a place to roast your marshmallows.

2) Check your forecast for wind before lighting your campfire.

The smallest amount of wind can blow debris or sparks from your campfire onto a flammable surface or member of your family. It is something quick to check that can avoid a potential disaster.

2) Don’t post your vacations on social media.

While your summer vacation may get a lot of likes, resist the urge to post selfies from the beach until you get home. Advise your children, especially your teenagers, to do so as well. Potential invaders and burglars can look at location tags through Facebook and Instagram to know that you aren’t home.

3) Have a neighbor you trust to collect the mail or put a stop to it.

Besides social media, the easiest sign that your house is empty is the stack of mail in your mailbox or on your porch. This signals to your neighborhood that you’re dipping your toes in the sand or exploring the mountains, making your home a target. In addition, the Amazon package you forgot you ordered will not last more than a few days outside. Having a neighbor collect your mail for you will avoid these problems. If you want to stop the mail instead, visit this guide from USA Today.

4) Trim your hedges while you mow the lawn.

One of the reasons you’ll want to keep your hedges short is to keep the sightlines from your home or business clear. While you’re mowing the lawn in the summer heat, give them a quick trim. This will keep the view from your windows as unobscured as possible.

5) Apply sunscreen.

While this summer safety tip may seem obvious, it’s very easy to make mistakes and forget to apply sunscreen. If you are spending longer than ten minutes in the sun, you should apply sunscreen. Do not make the mistake of thinking that because the sun is behind the clouds, that you won’t need sunscreen for your day at the beach. You will get badly burned.

6) Avoid brightly colored and floral print clothing for your children.

It may sound odd, but these types of clothing attract stinging insects like bees and wasps. As cute as the floral print may be, it also looks like flowers to these animals.

7) Stay hydrated to avoid heatstroke this summer.

The first sign that you are experiencing heatstroke is cramping in your legs. This can quickly build to heat exhaustion, and if you begin to experience this, stop what you’re doing and make an effort to cool off. Your body naturally fights the heat by sweating, but when heatstroke is setting in, your body stops sweating and cannot cool itself. Take precautions against this by bringing extra hydration when you’re doing anything outside.

8) Stay out of the ocean for a half-hour after eating.

This common summer safety tip is still as true as the first time you heard it, but for a different reason. When you digest food, the blood flow in your body is lessened and takes away from your strength. In an emergency situation such as an undertow or needing to swim back to shore, you would experience problems. Wait a half-hour and then dive back in.

9) Don’t force your pet to swim.

Some pets love the water, while others do not. As much as you love your dog on land, if they’re not comfortable getting in the water, don’t force them into the pool or the ocean. Read your pet’s body language and make an appropriate decision. If they do not love the water, keep an eye on your pet if they’re walking around poolside. One little slip could lead to a bad situation.

10) Install a monitored security system.

A monitored security system is a great answer to any of your potential summer worries. If you’re worried about the security of your home while you’re away, having a monitored system will mitigate your worries. If something goes wrong, you will be promptly alerted by our central monitoring station and be able to act appropriately.

While you’re home, a system is a great way to keep an eye the rest of your family. If you need cameras by your pool or to make sure your child gets home from soccer practice, B Safe has you covered. Our Total Connect app also allows you to check-in your family from anywhere in the United States. This allows you to have peace of mind at any time, right in the palm of your hand.

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