Get Intruders off Your Property with Audio Guard

Because a large portion of our Delaware alarm systems customers are business owners, we can say with confidence that monitored video surveillance is an invaluable security tool for any commercial enterprise. It ensures that if a person is detected on the business property after hours, the business owner can be notified immediately with an incident report.

Get Intruders off Your Property with Audio Guard

This intuitive video surveillance technology captures motion and silently triggers the central station to alert security monitoring agents of the intrusion. But how can this video surveillance keep an intruder from doing any damage – in other words, how can it get him to leave the property? That is where Audio Guard comes in.

Audio Guard is a service we make available to our video monitoring customers. Here’s how it works: Let’s say you own a car dealership, a stockyard or another business where inventory is kept outdoors. If an intruder should wander onto your property, your monitored video surveillance will detect the motion and alert the central station. An Audio Guard message will also be triggered. Here is the broadcast message, which plays loud and clear over your sound system so the intruder will not only hear it, but be completely startled:

“Attention! You are on private property and must leave immediately. Your actions are being monitored and recorded. Police will be dispatched if you fail to comply.”

Here is the part where some business owners ask, “Why do I want them to leave? Don’t I want them to be arrested?” We remind them that the #1 goal should be to protect the property, by keeping the intruder from acting in the first place. That is the incredible protection that Audio Guard offers.

To learn more about this and our other remote video monitoring solutions, contact our Delaware alarm systems experts today. We will be glad to answer your questions.