Have You Made these Home Security Mistakes?

If you own a security system, that’s the first step toward securing your property and defending it against burglary. But even our Delaware home security customers can easily make costly mistakes that lead to burglary, or at least put them at serious risk of it happening. Here are some examples, with statistics provided by a survey of over 1,000 homeowners insurance customers:

Have You Made these Home Security Mistakes

  • 35% of homeowners admit to leaving their first story windows unlocked, day and night, making their windows an easy entry point for intruders
  • 30% of homeowners admit to leaving a spare key “hidden” outside of the home, under the welcome mat or in a plastic rock that burglars can easily spot
  • 20% of alarm owners fail to arm the system during the day, when the majority of break-ins are proven to occur
  • 41% of social media users in the 18-34 demographic post status updates while they are on vacation, advertising to “friends” and friends of friends that they are gone overnight
  • 25% of homeowners admit to leaving the front door unlocked when leaving the house at least once in the past year

These may seem like small things, but they make a big difference in your home security; unfortunately, it’s a difference that does not work in your favor. If you are “guilty” of making any of these errors – even some of the time – you need to take stock of your habits and make a change before it is too late.

Our Delaware home security professionals warn customers against leaving windows unlocked, no matter the time of day; leaving a spare key outside, rather than having a quality keyless entry system installed; and advertising their vacations on social media, as this has been proven to be a major catalyst in burglaries over the past five years. Of course, we also want to remind everyone to arm their systems every single time they leave home. That is arguably the most effective way to protect your home against burglary and intrusion.