New Year, Real Cameras!

Recently, we came across a piece of New Year’s advice that urged homeowners to install a “dummy camera” above the front door if they couldn’t afford an operable one. We want our Delaware home security customers to know that is bad advice, no question about it. If you take an inoperable camera you happen to have lying around and hang it over the front door, many burglars are likely to know it is a fake, especially if it is an older model.

New Year New Cameras

But what if they don’t know your camera doesn’t work? In the best case scenario, even if your dummy camera scares a criminal off, you will still have no recorded footage to show police, post on social media or look at yourself. No one, including you, will know what the would-be intruder looks like, and they could very well strike again.

In the new year, the best home security upgrade you can make is to have real, high quality and 100% operable home security cameras installed and integrated with your alarm system. As a customer of B Safe Security, you can benefit from event-driven recording, email alerts to your mobile phone when anything suspicious is recorded, and video storage capacity for up to three months at a time.

We have a full line of IP cameras for you to choose from, with something for many different budgets. And, don’t forget to have sensor lights installed around your home, so that there is enough light shed on the subject to pick up his features. Of course, we also offer day-night cameras that can adjust with the light; these are ideal for discreetly recording whoever would lurk around your property and do harm to your home. To learn more about any of these very real camera options, contact B Safe Security today. Our Delaware home security professionals will be happy to speak with you.