Introducing Virtual Guard Services!

As we recently told you, our Delaware security systems professionals have been working hard on new services that can significantly benefit the security of our small business and commercial customers. We already told you about our cloud-based, managed video access control service that we manage your card holders and database on our secure server, and how it’s revolutionizing access control.

Introducing Virtual Guard Services

Now, we want to introduce you to one of the outstanding functions our remote video monitoring service can perform. It’s our “virtual guard” service, and it is by far the most technologically advanced, cost effective way to monitor your property for intruders after closing hours. Here’s how it works.

When you subscribe to remote video monitoring through B Safe Security and you request virtual guard service, the operator we assign to you will virtually “tour” your business facility on his monitoring screens at the pre-scheduled times you determine. Not only will anyone who comes onsite after closing hours be recorded – the best part is, the intruders will never be sure who is watching, or where they are watching from.

If your virtual guard operator sees an intruder on your property on his watch, he will follow the customized instructions you have given. Those instructions will determine whether he will call the police first, or notify you before calling them. This is just one way that remote video monitoring gives you more control over the security of your business property; you get to choose how to proceed anytime there is an intruder.

To learn more about virtual guard services and the other incredible features of remote video monitoring technology, contact the Delaware security services professionals here at B Safe Security. We will be glad to explain all the great benefits to your business, and answer any questions that you may have.