Lightning Storm Safety Tips: Ride the Lightning Storm Safely

Now that we know there may be rain and lightning in the forecast, we wanted to take a moment to refresh our Delaware home security customers on lightning safety. It should go without saying, but some people need to be reminded anyways: Lightning is one of the most dangerous weather conditions of all. Here are some lightning storm safety tips you should begin implementing the moment you know that a lightning storm is approaching (for many of our customers, the alarm panel or Total Connect will notify you when one is on its way).

Lightning Storm Safety Tips

First, stay inside. It may sound romantic to go outside during a lightning storm, but it’s really just dangerous. The larger the building, the safer you are. If your home is small, you are still safer than you would be outside. If you are in a car, keep your windows rolled up.

Next, we want to remind you to stay away from anything that could be a conductor for lightning. Some possible conductors you want to avoid include:

  • Windows
  • Landline telephones
  • Sinks and toilets
  • Tubs and showers
  • Electrical boxes
  • Electrical outlets
  • All kitchen appliances

It is possible for lightning to flow through these conductors and strike a person who is using them. That’s why we recommend staying away until the lightning has passed.

Also, it’s important to stay informed during a lightning storm. Don’t use an electric radio; you can use a battery-powered one, or better yet, your mobile phone equipped with Total Connect. The system is designed to notify you of ongoing weather events as they occur.

Hopefully, the lightning storm will be short and sweet this week. Regardless, we hope all our Delaware home security customers will practice lightning storm safety – now, and in every season.