Preventing an Apartment Burglary

Multi-unit housing structures account for 17% of homes in Delaware, so preventing apartment burglaries is a concern for many local residents. Our Delaware home security professionals are equipped to install alarms in apartment buildings upon request; however, there are steps you can take to minimize your risk of being burglarized if you live in an apartment building. Here are some tips:

Preventing an Apartment Burglary

Choose an upper level apartment. It is more difficult for a burglar to target a second floor apartment, even if access can be gained from an outside stairwell. If video surveillance is installed outside (and it certainly should be), the intruder knows he will have a harder time escaping the cameras if he has to go up and down the stairs. Of course, second floor units are not 100% immune; so if you already live on the second floor, be sure to continue reading.

Reinforce your door. Some apartment complexes are outfitted with cheap doors, and those cheap doors typically have flimsy locks. Ask your manager if you will be permitted to install a deadbolt at your own cost. This will reduce your risk of burglary by 50% or more, because a 2-3” deadbolt makes it nearly impossible for an intruder to break in through the door. The nominal cost of installing this lock is absolutely worth it.

Do laundry at home. If your complex has washer/dryer hookups inside the units, purchasing the machines so that you can do laundry inside your home is actually a security measure. That is for two reasons: 1.) Because apartment burglaries can happen while the occupant is in the complex’s laundry facility, and 2.) Because an intruder can break in while the occupant is doing laundry and attack them upon their return.

Purchase a timer. If you time your television to go on and off at specific times of day, it makes it harder for someone who is targeting you to predict your routines. He has no way of knowing what your work hours are if the TV is on at varying times. A remote security system, like our own B-Connected, can also enable you to put your lights on a timer so that they are already on when you come home at night.

At B Safe Security, we want everyone to be as secure as they can be. If you live in an apartment complex and are interested in making a bigger investment in your personal security, contact our Delaware home security specialists today.