Security Cameras Have Come a Long, Long Way

Video surveillance is a hot topic these days, in light of the arrest of the Boston bombers and the role that privately owned outdoor video surveillance played in their capture. Because many in our Delaware home security audience commute to Washington, DC and other high profile areas, it seems appropriate to address the innovations that are taking the video surveillance market by storm.

Security Cameras Have Come a Long, Long Way

First, security cameras are getting smarter. The standard four camera networks, in both analog (DVR) and IP (Web-based) options, that homeowners and small business owners favor are still widely available, of course. But now, manufacturers are developing software that does more than record; it intuitively “looks” for activity that can be deemed suspicious or noteworthy. This technology, known as video analytics, is what law enforcement agencies now rely on to identify criminals quickly and accurately.

Next, security cameras are becoming more affordable. Gone are the days when only wealthy homeowners had CCTV systems installed. As for businesses, video surveillance is now commonplace across every single industry imaginable. We can thank manufacturers like Honeywell, First Alert Professional and others for making quality camera systems accessible to a broader audience of everyday people who need them!

Finally, security cameras are becoming portable. Actually, the playback capability of the recorded video is what is becoming portable. With remote video playback capability, which is a service we offer at B Safe Security, customers can view their live video from any Internet connection, including a computer, tablet or smartphone. As for remote video monitoring, our security agents will respond from the central station immediately if a situation is detected on video. What do we mean by “immediately?” Under 20 seconds!

Whether you are compelled to make video surveillance part of your home security plan or integrate it with your business security system, you can benefit from smarter, more affordable and portable video technology! Contact B Safe Security to inquire about adding video to your Delaware home security or business security system.