Security Camera Options Galore!

There are more security camera options available now than ever before. The problem is that most alarm dealers only offer a handful of them. But at B Safe Security, we’re a Delaware alarm company that offers an unbelievable range of options for homeowners and business owners who want to protect their properties with the watchful “eyes” of video surveillance. Just look at all the options that are available when we custom design your CCTV or IP camera video surveillance system:

Security Camera Options Galore

  • Event-driven recording
  • Simultaneous transmission of audio and video
  • Emailed video alerts to your smartphone
  • Video storage for up to 3 months
  • Day/night cameras
  • Compact cameras
  • Full HD cameras
  • Vandal dome cameras
  • IP camera systems

And that last option is the best of all. Internet protocol (IP) camera systems offer you easier access to your video by allowing you to view it online, on a secure website that only you have access to. They are ideal for anyone who spends time away from the property that is being monitored, whether it’s a home or business. You can check on your property at will, simply by logging in from any Internet connection.

When it comes to cameras, B Safe Security has it all. Contact our Delaware alarm company today to inquire about your video surveillance options.