When Should You Upgrade Your Alarm System?

Is it time for a security system upgrade? You may think your alarm is not outdated, but with new products coming out every year, there’s a good chance it is. Of course, it’s not necessary to get a new system every year; but just as you upgrade your cars, your appliances and your cell phone when new technology emerges, you should seriously consider doing the same with your security system. You wouldn’t go a decade or more without getting a new cell phone; why on earth would you allow your security system go that long without being replaced?

When Should You Upgrade Your Alarm System

B Safe Security is an authorized dealer of Honeywell security products, as well as products manufactured by First Alert Professional, a Honeywell company. They offer quality products that are designed to operate at top performance for years from the date of installation. Regardless, we highly recommend a security system upgrade at least every five years. New technology is being introduced into the industry all the time, with user-friendly features that give you the advantage in the fight over security from intruders, fire and life-threatening elements. You don’t want to miss out on those!

One of the newest technologies our Delaware alarm company is offering is the Graphic Color Voice Touchscreen from First Alert Professional. The panel features a clear, high-resolution 640 x 480 TFT color display that makes viewing your system data a breeze. But that’s not all this system offers.

The Graphic Color Voice Touchscreen is also – wait for it – a way to digitally display slideshows of your family photos! Think of it as a digital photo frame when it’s not displaying security system data. Business owners can use this system too. They can use the panel to showcase merchandise, for example, as well as increase product awareness, advertise sales or post employee notifications. This is pretty amazing technology, and it’s available from B Safe Security! For questions on when you should upgrade your alarm system to this or any other product, contact our Delaware alarm company today.