Home surveillance equipment can seem pricey for the functions they perform, so many homeowners choose not to install them. Worse yet, many new homes include security systems but the homeowners never actually turn them on. Most people know at least one homeowner who chooses to leave the TV or some lights on when they leave instead of activating their home security system.
The truth is that a home security system does far more than beep when a door opens. There are 8 major benefits of home security systems.

Safeguarding Valuables

This well-known benefit cannot be denied, nor imitated. Nothing protects your valuables like the best house security systems in Wilmington, DE, which will include motion sensors, contact with local authorities, cameras, and alarms that deter criminals—which keeps your precious heirlooms, art, jewelry, furniture, and electronics safe.

Crime Deterrent

Crime includes more than jewel theft, though. Home security systems can also deter other crimes, such as vandalism, home invasions, and violent crimes. In fact, a 2009 Rutgers study actually revealed that an increase in home security systems in a residential area is directly connected to a decrease in residential crimes.

Remote Control Access

This means more than controlling the TV. The best residential security systems in Wilmington, DE, will include unique and convenient features, such as remote connectivity with your home’s technology. This means that you can view cameras when you travel, lock and unlock doors remotely, turn off lights you left on, and much more.

Fire and Gas Emergency Alerts

These systems can do more than put you in control from far away. They can even provide you with convenient alerts, no matter where you are. Fire emergencies, carbon monoxide leaks, and smoke can be devastating to your property. Thankfully, your security system can notify you and the local fire department when one of the sensors goes off.

Utility Cost Reduction

Even better, your home security system may come with smart thermostats and outlets, which allow you to raise or lower temperatures, adjust heating and cooling appliances, and turn off outlets if energy-sucking electronics are plugged into them—all from work or vacation. These features can make a huge difference in your monthly utility costs.

Insurance Premium Discounts

Insurance costs can be extremely high—so high, that most homeowners can expect total insurance costs to be their second-highest monthly payments behind their mortgage. Thankfully, owning a home security system can cut into these costs, lowering them by up to 20%.

Child Security

Among the most important reasons to invest in home security surveillance systems is the unmatched protection they offer for your greatest possessions: your children. You can observe your kids’ and teenagers’ activity when they are home alone or with babysitters. You can also remotely lock the doors to prevent unwanted visitors or intruders.

Makes Room for Peace of Mind

Best of all, a home security system in Wilmington, DE, lets you and your family rest peacefully. The confidence of you and your valuables being safe and protected allows for stress-free days and nights for a more productive and healthy life overall.